Maasai Women

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My wife and I visited Kenya in 1999. Part of our tour included a visit to a Maasai village. We arrived at the entrance to the small village located in the middle of an empty plain. Large Acacia branches were piled up in a tall ring around the outside of the village that acted as protection against predatory animals. We enter through an opening in the branches. where we saw several small igloo-shaped huts constructed from mud and elephant dung. The women of the village paraded in front of us, some of them carrying small babies on their backs. They walked in step and sang. What you are seeing here is a hand painted watercolor. The source for this image is a computer enhanced photograph. The original photograph for this image was taken by me. The original image can be seen in the Kenya Gallery in this portfolio. I manipulated the photograph in Photoshop, and then painted the image using india ink and traditional watercolors. It was finished in February of 2019.

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